Quad Lock Handlebar Clamp Mount

Quad Lock's Latest Innovation: The Handlebar Clamp Mount

For many of us, RAM Mounts used to be the go-to choice, but Quad Lock has quickly become the new standard. However, there was still a gap in their product line for motorcyclists.

Quad Lock has recently introduced a new Handlebar Clamp Mount that aims to bridge the divide between traditional handlebar mounts and stem mounts. If you're tired of a cluttered cockpit, this new mount is worth considering.

The Handlebar Clamp Mount comes in standard and PRO versions and is designed to fit the M8 bolt on your motorcycle's handlebar clamps. It requires a threaded M8 hole for a secure attachment, replacing one of the M8 bolts on your handlebar clamp.

While we've managed without this type of mount so far, it hasn't always been easy. Some handlebars simply don't have enough space for a conventional mount without causing injury or leaving your phone at an awkward angle. The Handlebar Clamp Mount solves this issue by placing your phone front and center, giving your bike's cockpit a clean look.

Both versions of the mount come with spacers to accommodate wide handlebars. Once installed, you can use the 135-degree knuckle to adjust the mount and find the perfect viewing angle.

To ensure the mount stays in place during your ride, Quad Lock has built the new models with an anti-rotation serrated bolt base. The use of high-tensile steel also provides added security for your phone, whether you're cruising on the highway or navigating a rocky descent.

Andrew Kellock, the Head of New Product Development at Quad Lock, emphasized that the mounts undergo rigorous testing to withstand engine vibrations.

The standard Handlebar Clamp Mount is priced at $44.99 and is made from glass-filled nylon, featuring a distinctive blue lever. The PRO version costs $64.99 and is crafted from black anodized CNC machined aluminum with black stainless steel hardware.

Both mounts are equally effective at keeping your phone secure, but the PRO version, with its sleek design and premium materials, is likely to appeal to most riders.

While Quad Lock assures that the mount is durable and suitable for off-roading, they also offer an optional vibration dampener for added protection. If you want to safeguard your phone's camera, consider adding the vibration dampener to your purchase.

Both versions of the Handlebar Clamp Mount are compatible with Quad Lock's range of accessories, including the Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head, Quad Lock 360, Motorcycle USB Charger, and the new Action Camera Adaptors.