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Latest Update on the Honda Grom

In December 2023, the facelifted version of the Honda Grom was revealed, giving us a first look at the new model. Based on Honda's previous release patterns, it was expected that the bike would first launch in Asia before reaching other markets.

Our prediction was confirmed on February 15, 2024, when Honda Japan officially announced the updated Grom for the Japanese market. The planned release date is March 14, 2024, giving enthusiasts a month to prepare for the arrival of the new Grom.

The engine specifications remain unchanged, with a 123cc air-cooled single engine producing 10 horsepower at 7,250 rpm and eight pound-feet of torque at 6,000 rpm. The bike retains a five-speed gearbox similar to the previous model.

Changes are seen in the bodywork, graphics, and color options of the 2024 Grom. The design is subjective, but the new look offers a cleaner and more modern appearance compared to the previous version.

The 2024 Grom features a flatter seat, sportier aesthetics, and will be available in Pearl Horizon White and Matte Gunpowder Black Metallic colors in Japan. ABS is included on the front wheel, along with a digital display and a USB socket for charging devices.

The suggested retail price in Japan is ¥390,500 (about $2,604.50) including consumption tax. The bike can also be purchased without tax for ¥355,000 (about $2,368).

While the Thai release included the belly pan accessory as standard, it is offered as an optional accessory in Japan. Honda Japan has a range of OEM accessories available for the new Grom, catering to different preferences and needs.

Although there are no official statements regarding releases in other regions, it is anticipated that the new Grom will eventually be available worldwide based on past Honda Grom launches.