UTVs for Industrial Work

UTVs for Industrial Work

If you’re involved in farming, construction, or any other industrial work, chances are you come into contact with UTVs on a regular basis. These durable and versatile workhorses are highly practical and can also provide a lot of enjoyment, as long as your supervisor doesn’t catch you having too much fun in one – unless they're joining in on the fun too.

UTVs are becoming increasingly advanced, especially with the rise of the EV era. A prime example of this progress is the new Pro XD Kinetic UTV from Polaris. Polaris is well-known for its range of exciting powersports products, from the unique Slingshot to the rugged Sportsman ATVs and rally-ready RZR side-by-sides. The Pro XD Kinetic UTV takes it a step further by offering an all-electric UTV designed for commercial use.

The Pro XD Kinetic focuses on zero emissions, zero fuel costs, and reduced maintenance expenses. Polaris claims that it delivers reliable performance while maintaining the cargo and towing capabilities of traditional internal combustion models. With a cargo capacity of 1,250 pounds and towing capability of 2,500 pounds, the Pro XD Kinetic is a versatile and efficient option for various tasks.

Polaris emphasizes that the Pro XD Kinetic has approximately 60 percent lower scheduled maintenance costs compared to traditional models, resulting in significant long-term savings for users.

Aaron Stegemann, the VP of Polaris Commercial, highlighted the sustainability and capabilities of the Pro XD Kinetic, stating, “In everything we do, Polaris Commercial is committed to providing the greatest value for our customers. With the introduction of the Pro XD Kinetic, we’re keeping the features our customers love and rely on from the Pro XD family while addressing the growing environmental and operational demands for EVs.”

Technologically, the Pro XD Kinetic features a large 14.9 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack designed for long-term use. It is paired with a powerful electric motor developed through a partnership with Zero Motorcycles, ensuring instant torque for towing purposes. The UTV can be easily charged with a standard wall socket or used off the grid with standard power generators. For faster charging, the UTV supports 220V fast charging in well-equipped worksites.

Safety is a top priority for the Pro XD Kinetic, with features such as bright orange seatbelts for visibility, a horn, backup alarm, adjustable speed settings for workplace compliance, and an optional lighting kit for nighttime use. The Polaris Pro XD Kinetic is priced at $28,999 USD, reflecting its premium quality and advanced features.