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Ducati's Collaboration with Supreme for a Special-Edition Streetfighter V4 S

Ducati has a history of releasing special-edition models in partnership with various big-name brands, including Lamborghini and Bentley, both owned by VW. This time, the Italian manufacturer has joined forces with American apparel and lifestyle brand Supreme to create a unique Streetfighter V4 S.

Supreme is known for its bold and loud style, evident in its clothing and apparel featuring logos and vibrant red and white colors. The collaboration with Ducati aims to appeal to young individuals seeking to make a statement.

The Ducati Streetfighter V4 S Supreme Edition stands out with a massive Supreme logo spanning the bike's sides and a retro racer vibe with white wheels. While the styling is eye-catching, the bike retains the powerful performance of the standard model.

Equipped with a 1,103cc Desmosedici Stradale V4 engine producing 208 horsepower and advanced Öhlins suspension, the Streetfighter V4 S Supreme Edition offers a thrilling yet safe riding experience with cutting-edge electronics and rider aids.

Pricing for the Streetfighter V4 S Supreme Edition has not been announced, but it is expected to be higher than the standard model due to its unique design. The standard Streetfighter V4 S is priced at $27,795.

For those looking to enhance their style further, a special-edition Arai helmet featuring Supreme and Ducati branding is available. The Arai Corsair-X helmet, popular among sportbike riders, complements the Streetfighter V4 S Supreme Edition with its unique design and certifications.

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