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Exciting Collaboration Between Indian Motorcycles and Roland Sands

When two renowned companies join forces to create a limited-edition product, it's always something special. In the case of Indian Motorcycles and Roland Sands, their recent collaboration on the FTR x RSD Super Hooligan goes beyond just being "cool."

Indian Motorcycles approached Roland Sands to work together on this limited-edition model, inspired by the flat-tracking roots of the FTR Super Hooligan. The classic style brought by Roland Sands perfectly complements the heritage of the FTR Super Hooligan.

Only 300 units of the FTR x RSD Super Hooligan will be produced, so if you want one, you'll need to act fast.

The bike features Black Metallic bodywork with authentic Super Hooligan race graphics, creating a striking contrast with the Indian Motorcycle Red frame and wheels with gold accents.

The FTR x RSD Super Hooligan stands out with the Indian Motorcycle Racing championship logo and sponsor logos on the seat cowl, adding to its authenticity.

Owners can customize the bike further with additional graphics for the radiator shroud, front fender, and front forks.

Indian Motorcycle's vice president, Aaron Jax, highlighted the rebellious and fun-loving spirit of hooligan riding that inspired the creation of the FTR x RSD Super Hooligan.

Each of the 300 bikes will be individually numbered and come with a commemorative tank console.

In addition to its unique aesthetics, the FTR x RSD Super Hooligan features premium components like an Akrapovič muffler, oil cap, radiator cap, and adjustable rearsets by Gilles Tooling, reducing its weight compared to the standard FTR R Carbon.

If you were considering the $17,249 FTR R Carbon, you might want to stretch your budget to the $18,499 starting price of the FTR x RSD Super Hooligan for an even more exclusive ride.