EV Dirt Bikes Are Awesome

EV Dirt Bikes Are Awesome

I believe that EV dirt bikes are amazing. They are powerful, agile, easy to maintain, and most importantly, quiet. While I still have a soft spot for engines, not everyone shares my enthusiasm. Karen from down the street, my HOA, and a group of through-hikers I recently encountered are not fans of loud engines.

That's why I've been following companies like Dust, which is working on creating electric dirt bikes to cater to those who prefer a quieter ride. Dust is a small company without the manufacturing capabilities of big names like Triumph, Ducati, or Honda. However, they have adopted a unique approach by using crowdfunding to build their bikes and business.

The company recently announced the release of another 100 spots for their upcoming all-electric dirt bike. The first 50 bike subscriptions were quickly sold out, and Dust is now offering the F100 campaign to attract more backers. Backers will receive a 15 percent discount on the end MSRP and access to exclusive member meetings, newsletters, and behind-the-scenes updates.

Dust has found success by involving members in the design and development process, leading to the creation of the Alpha_1 prototype. Backers have the opportunity to contribute suggestions that may influence the final design of the bike.

The Dust electric dirt bike is positioned between a 125cc and 250cc bike, combining the best features of both. The Alpha_1 prototype boasts specs like 35 horsepower, 300 lb-ft of torque, and a swappable 3.5 kW battery pack. It also features a 20-inch front wheel and an 18-19 inch rear wheel.

The bike is designed to appeal to a wider audience and lower the barrier of entry to the motorcycling world. Dust aims to make the sport more accessible to newcomers and expand the community of riders.

While Dust still has to deliver on its promises, I am optimistic about the brand and its future. I can't wait to ride my electric dirt bike on my backyard track without any complaints about noise!