If you're a snowmobile enthusiast, you're probably familiar with Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), the company that owns Ski-Doo and Lynx, Europe's top-selling snowmobile brand. BRP's recent announcement may make you consider holding off on purchasing a 2024 model and pre-ordering a 2025 unit instead.

The 2025 snowmobile lineup from Ski-Doo promises improvements across the board, including a special 40th-anniversary Lynx model, new optional built-in GPS systems for both brands, and the introduction of two new electric models. Let's take a closer look.

For those looking for increased agility in Ski-Doo's MXZ range, the addition of RAS RX front suspension on most models and the Backcountry snowmobiles in 2025 will deliver just that. Speed and stability are also prioritized in the new lineup.

The trail version of the Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R will be available in the Backcountry crossover segment for the first time, along with a wide ski stance. These upgrades aim to provide winter explorers with more trail options.

Deep snow riders will appreciate the upgrades to the top models in this segment, with Ski-Doo making components on the Summit X lighter to maintain its status as the lightest option available.

Technical terrain enthusiasts should take note of the Summit X with Expert package, which now features added suspension capacity with KYB Pro front shocks.

The 2025 Freeride model comes with a rack steering system for improved control at higher speeds and in rough conditions. Additionally, power has been increased across the Summit Neo mid-size models to match harsh conditions at high elevations.

Lynx riders will be excited about the 40th Anniversary Edition of the Rave GLS model, which celebrates 40 years of trail performance and snowmobile racing in European snowcross. This special edition features top-tier performance components.

Both Ski-Doo and Lynx 2025 models offer the option to add a 10.25-inch Touchscreen Display with built-in GPS, allowing riders to navigate with ease. The system provides access to advanced navigation features through the BRP GO! app.

BRP has expanded its electric snowmobile lineup with the Ski-Doo Expedition Electric and another Lynx Adventure Electric model. These models are designed for short-distance travel in ski centers and resorts, powered by Rotax E-Power technology.

The 2025 electric snowmobiles feature wider, longer tracks for better flotation and traction in loose snow, a departure from the shorter tracks on the 2024 models. The Lynx Adventure Electric will be exclusively available in Europe.

With so many exciting options in the 2025 lineup, which model will tempt you to make a pre-order? Stay tuned for our upcoming coverage as we ride these snowmobiles next week.