Yamaha Racing Update

Yamaha Racing Update

[UPDATE, February 23, 2024: Yamaha Racing issued an official statement to calm the fears that the R1 and R1M would be completely discontinued due to tightening emissions standards. That is not the case. Beginning in 2025, in Europe, the R1 will exclusively be made available for track use, just like the previous change with the R6.

The official statement reads:

"Global production of the R1 will continue in the future, as will the development program that has seen the bike secure world titles in both WorldSBK and EWC. While the requirements of Yamaha’s customers have evolved in recent years, the R1 remains a popular choice for teams looking to secure a competitive and cost-effective race package and for individuals focused on enhancing their track experience. This is why from 2025, considering the challenge of meeting the Euro5+ homologation requirements, in Europe the R1 will be made available with specifications aimed exclusively at track use, as was done previously with the R6."

It goes on to speak about all the development time and investment that Yamaha has put into developing its GYTR range of parts for these bikes, and how that will continue into the future. It also further stresses Yamaha's commitment to ensuring that it remains a race-winning package. You can read the full statement at the link in our Sources if you're interested.

This was one potential future outcome that we envisioned when the initial news broke about the R1's street discontinuation broke. Of all possible outcomes, it's likely the best news for R1 enthusiasts around the globe.