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If you haven't subscribed to CboysTV on YouTube yet, you're missing out on some incredibly entertaining content. In their latest video, the Cboys took an unexpected vehicle, a Harley-Davidson Street Glide with flame decals, and transformed it into a snow bike.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The team installed a Timbersled ARO kit on this heavy bike, even though the kit is typically used for motocross bikes. Despite the challenges, the Cboys made the necessary modifications to turn the Street Glide into a capable "mountain machine". Surprisingly, it performed well on the mountain trails, alongside a Yamaha R1 snow bike they had converted earlier.

With the sound of the inline-four and V-twin engines echoing through the mountains, the Cboys pushed the Street Glide snow bike to its limits. They ventured off-trail and through deep snow, where the front ski threatened to throw them off course, but the bike powered through like a champ.

Heading to Afton, Wyoming, the Cboys tested the Harley snow bike on perfect powder and even entered it into a hill climb competition. Despite its weight of over 900 lbs, the Street Glide surprised everyone with its performance. To see how it all turned out, watch the full video!