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Ducati's First Motocross Bike

Ducati is making history with the introduction of its inaugural motocross bike. This groundbreaking model is the first motocross bike to utilize a desmodromic system. In March, spectators will have the opportunity to witness it in action at the Italian Motocross Prestige Championship, where it will be ridden by 8-time Italian national champion Alessandro Lupino.

Fortunately, we don't have to wait until the championship's first round to see the Desmo450 MX in action. Dirt Shark and Monster Energy have collaborated to provide the first official footage of the bike, along with insights from its developer, 9-time world Motocross champion Tony Cairoli.

One of the highlights of the video is the setting at 04 Park—Monte Coralli in Faenza, Italy. This track, owned by Italian racing legend Andrea Dovizioso, will host a round of the Italian Motocross Prestige Championship in 2024. Cairoli is taking advantage of the opportunity to practice before the competition begins on September 21st.

The standout feature of the Desmo450 MX is its desmodromic valve system. Cairoli emphasized, "The desmodromic system defines the bike's character. It sets it apart from others in the market."

While Cairoli did not reveal specific details or numbers about the bike in the video, he mentioned that the team is actively testing various aspects of the bike and there is still ongoing development work before it becomes available for sale.

Cairoli expressed his satisfaction in contributing to the development of the Desmo450 MX for Alessandro Lupino. However, he also shared his admiration for Ducati, stating, "I've always been a Ducati fan, and I wish they had entered the motocross scene earlier when I was at my peak."

It's a thrilling moment for fans to witness an Italian champion collaborating with one of the most iconic Italian motorcycle brands of the modern era. Yet, these sentiments may evoke mixed feelings among KTM enthusiasts, considering Cairoli's history with the brand before transitioning into a managerial role for Red Bull KTM Factory Racing in 2023.