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The Honda Monkey: A Mini-Bike Icon

The Honda Monkey is widely recognized as one of the most iconic mini-bikes available. Since its introduction in 1961, it has gained worldwide popularity and is beloved by both enthusiasts and commuters. The Monkey is known for its fun-loving nature and emphasis on freedom of expression.

Due to its global fan base, the Monkey has also become a top choice for custom bike builders seeking to make a statement. In Thailand, Cub House, a shop specializing in Honda Mini-Moto products, has revealed a special edition model called the "Monkey King Special Custom Edition," which is truly impressive.

This custom-built mini-bike, with a focus on elegance and sophistication, is designed to turn heads and appeal to those looking to stand out.

The charming black and gold design of the Monkey King Special Custom Edition features "Monkey Edition" painted in a classic carnival font on the tank, complemented by gold pinstripes for a retro touch. The bike is adorned with a Monkey King emblem and decals depicting card suits on the swing arm.

Only 300 units of this special edition will be produced, priced at 112,900 baht (approximately $3,138 USD). In comparison, the Honda Monkey in the US starts at a slightly higher retail price of $4,299 USD.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Monkey King Special Custom Edition will only be available in Thailand, disappointing fans in other regions. However, for those who appreciate this aesthetic, it can serve as inspiration for their own custom Monkey build. The Monkey remains one of the most popular bikes for customization, with a wide range of aftermarket parts available.

It is evident that there will always be a demand for small bikes like the Monkey. Growing up around various small-displacement two-wheelers, I can attest to the immense fun that can be had on these compact machines.