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Unforgettable 48-Cylinder Custom Kawasaki Two-Stroke

Do you remember the incredibly unique 48-cylinder custom Kawasaki two-stroke we discussed back in February 2024? Of course you do! It's a bike that's hard to forget.

The Whitelock Tinker Toy, as it's officially known, has been making waves since it was first built over 20 years ago. It's no wonder we received such interesting comments when we shared that story in 2024. With the prevalence of AI-influenced content, it's wise to be cautious about what you see online.

However, a new video from the enthusiastic UK two-stroke fans at 999 Lazer confirms that this 48-cylinder custom Kawasaki is indeed a real, massive, and mind-blowing machine.

In the video, Max from 999 Lazer provides an in-depth look at the bike, interviewing builder Simon Whitelock and highlighting its various features.

Just stating that the bike weighs around 600 kilograms (approximately 1,323 pounds) doesn't do it justice. Watching the video truly gives you a better understanding of its size and scale.

Imagine the challenge of changing the spark plugs on this beast. It's a task that would require a significant amount of time and effort. However, the potential buyer of this bike likely has the means to hire someone else for such maintenance.

As mentioned in our previous article about the upcoming Bonhams auction, there's a unique 'donkey engine' used to start the bike, which was originally sourced from a Kawasaki 125. Max showcases this component in the video for viewers outside the UK.

Watching a well-produced video about a bike is the next best thing to seeing it in person, and this video certainly delivers.

Would you dare to ride this 48-cylinder marvel if given the opportunity? One thing is certain; you'd want to avoid dropping it, especially on your foot!