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Drumming Up Tourism with Cain's Quest

Imagine trying to attract tourists to your local area, not just from nearby towns, but from all over the world. That's the goal of Cain's Quest, an international snowmobile endurance race that takes place in Labrador, Canada. Since its inception in 2006, the race has not only been a thrilling competition but also a major draw for tourists.

Newfoundland and Labrador offer something unique that sets them apart from other regions - an extended winter with abundant snowfall. This makes it the perfect setting for a challenging snowmobile race like Cain's Quest. However, the race is not without its risks, as demonstrated by the cancellation of the 2023 event due to safety concerns.

The 2024 race is set to kick off in Labrador City on March 3rd, with riders expected to complete the grueling 3,500-kilometer route by March 10th. Teams of two will navigate through checkpoints using GPS, with scheduled layovers for rest and maintenance. The race attracts participants from Canada and beyond, with both male and female riders welcome to join.

While the extreme cold and challenging conditions may deter some, for others, Cain's Quest represents the ultimate test of skill and endurance. Would you dare to take on the challenge?

Watch the CBC documentary on the 2020 race here.