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RideApart's Adventure Seekers and Garmin's inReach SOS Data

Here at RideApart, we are a group of individuals who love canyon carving, trail riding, and seeking out new adventures. Whether we are hiking up a mountain or riding Ski-Doo's latest machines, we are always on the lookout for excitement. If you are reading this, chances are you share our passion for exploration. However, we are also aware of the risks that come with our lifestyle, which is why we are intrigued by Garmin's inReach SOS data from the 2023 calendar year.

Our Executive Editor, Jonathon Klein, has been carrying an inReach Mini 2 with him for the past three years. Fortunately, he has never had to use the SOS button, but the statistics we are about to share will show you why he keeps this lifesaver close at hand.

According to the data, hiking was the most common activity that inReach users were engaged in when they activated the SOS feature. This is not surprising considering the various ways one can get into trouble while hiking. However, the second most common activity might surprise you.

In 2023, driving was the second most common activity associated with inReach SOS activations. Incidents related to driving saw a significant increase compared to other types of emergencies. Motorcycle-related incidents took the third spot on the list.

These findings suggest that you don't have to be on an epic adventure to find yourself in a dangerous situation without cell service. A simple breakdown in a remote area can lead to a call for help.

It is important to note that some driving-related SOS incidents were triggered by users witnessing motor vehicle accidents or breakdowns.

The primary reason for activating the SOS button in 2023 was injuries, ranging from broken bones to blunt force trauma. Medical issues, such as altitude sickness or heart problems, were the second most common reason.

The data also revealed a significant increase in vehicle accidents and issues, aligning with the activities that users were engaged in when they needed help.

While many users utilized the SOS feature for their own emergencies, over half of the triggers were for assisting a party member or another individual. The SOS feature can also be used to report emergencies like wildfires or vehicle accidents.

Helicopters were the most commonly dispatched form of assistance in 2023, followed by ambulances and search and rescue teams. However, some users were able to self-rescue with the help of Garmin Response personnel.

After reviewing this data, you may want to reconsider whether having an inReach device is necessary for your adventures.