Chinese Motorcycle Manufacturers

Chinese Motorcycle Manufacturers

Chinese motorcycle manufacturers offer a wide range of budget-friendly options for riders seeking alternatives to mainstream brands. These unique two-wheelers are perfect for those wanting to explore the world of motorcycles without spending a fortune.

Chinese manufacturers often take inspiration from well-known brands when designing their products. Take Awak, for example.

Awak, a subsidiary of AKMotor under Bashan Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., recently unveiled the AK11 at the China International Motorcycle Expo. This mini-moto combines elements from Honda classics like the Dax, Monkey, and Grom, creating a unique blend of styles.

Despite drawing inspiration from various bikes, the AK11 also incorporates design elements from the AK-47, giving it a futuristic and eye-catching look.

The AK11 features aerospace-inspired technology, including an aluminum monocoque frame, a 4.5-liter fuel tank, ABS, and LED lights. Powered by a 125cc engine and equipped with 12-inch wheels, this mini-bike weighs just 92 kilograms and is priced at 9,880 yuan (approximately $1,372 USD).

While the chances of the AK11 reaching the US market are slim, it may find success in nearby countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, where affordable Chinese-made motorcycles are popular.

Whether or not the AK11 makes its way outside of China, its unique design and features are sure to attract attention from motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.