Custom BMW Adventure Bike - R 1301

The BMW GS Adventure Bike - R 1301

The BMW GS is widely considered the top adventure bike of the decade, solidifying its position as one of the most sought-after motorcycles on the market. The introduction of the all-new R 1300 GS by BMW received positive feedback from enthusiasts due to its enhanced performance, upgraded technology, and lighter weight compared to its predecessor.

While the R 1300 GS is already a capable machine out of the box, some riders opt for aftermarket upgrades to further enhance its performance. However, VTR Motorrad, a Swiss custom workshop specializing in BMW motorcycles, took it a step further with the creation of the R 1301 - a custom adventure bike like no other.

The R 1301 is believed to be the first custom build based on the new adventure bike, boasting a unique design that combines elements of various motorcycling disciplines. With its radical bodywork and sporty stance, the R 1301 exudes supermoto vibes while maintaining its status as a true adventure bike.

Featuring forged aluminum wheels fitted with Metzeler M9 RR tires, an Akrapovic exhaust system, and custom BMW M colors, the R 1301 is a true showstopper. The bike's custom supermoto-inspired saddle, crafted by Swiss saddler Yves Knobel, adds a unique touch to its overall design.

Although the customization of the R 1301 comes at a price, with reports suggesting a cost of 15,000 Swiss francs on top of the bike's original price, the end result is a stunning custom bike that pushes the boundaries of adventure bike customization.

Custom adventure bikes like the R 1301 and the R 1250 GS from Oldtimer Middle East demonstrate the potential for transforming these bikes into unique and eye-catching creations that blend style with performance.

What are your thoughts on this impressive custom build? It is sure to appeal to custom enthusiasts while sparking debate among purists.