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I have witnessed Michael Dunlop dominate the Walderstown Road Races in my local area countless times. After the races, I would join the fans in the paddock (or field) to congratulate the riders, admire their powerful liter-bikes, and take a look at the campervans. It's worth noting that having a motorcycle license is not a requirement to participate in a road race in Ireland.

However, Dunlop is not just any racer. He is arguably the most successful road racer alive. Being only three years older than me, I have seen him race and emerge victorious since I started following the sport. Therefore, when I learned that he did not possess a motorcycle license, I was truly astonished.

Despite racing motorcycles on public roads for over half of his life, Dunlop, at 34 years old, decided it was time to obtain a motorcycle road license. Moto Training NI played a role in helping him achieve this milestone.

A social media post from the school mentioned that Dunlop took his test on a Kawasaki Z650, which must have been a refreshing change from his powerful Hawk Racing's Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade.

It seems that Dunlop is gearing up for a significant challenge this year. He unofficially set the fastest average speed record around the IOM TT last year, reaching 135.351 mph and securing four victories. This brought his total IOM TT wins to 25, just one shy of his uncle Joey Dunlop's record of 26 set in 2000.

If Michael Dunlop manages to win a single race at the TT this year, he will tie the record for the most successful rider of all time. And if he secures more victories, he will make history. He could then take a celebratory ride around the island, this time fully road-legal.