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The Impact of Racing on OEM Perception

The larger a corporation becomes, the more impersonal it may appear. This is arguably why participation in racing can influence how an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is viewed by its supporters. While companies are entities, racers are individuals.

And individuals have narratives that can captivate, intrigue, and engage. Allow me to introduce you to the remarkable success of Formula 1: Drive to Survive on Netflix. I jest. But also, in a way, I do not.

This was one of the ways in which Kove Moto seemed to distinguish itself from other OEMs, especially if you followed the factory team's 2024 Dakar Rally endeavor. Even if rally raids are not your cup of tea, it is hard not to admire founder Zhang Xue's genuine enthusiasm as he shared videos on Kove's social media during the event.

However, there has been a recent development as the CEO has officially resigned from his role.

When things went well, Mr. Zhang was quick to celebrate. And when they went terribly wrong, like the unfortunate incident where Kove's rally bike had components unsuitable for the weather conditions, Zhang did something incredibly rare and challenging: He apologized.

Not in private, but in the most public manner possible: through a video on social media. He did what few people (let alone CEOs) do and took full accountability for the bike's failure to support Mason Klein's commendable efforts for good results.

That is quite a remarkable gesture. It is commendable and humbling. While I have not yet ridden a Kove bike, it certainly piqued my interest. I am sure I am not alone. The bike may not be flawless, but it has something invaluable - someone who cares and takes responsibility to make amends. Life may not be perfect, but our response to imperfections is what truly matters. Mr. Zhang appeared to be a leader in that aspect, and it was truly inspiring to witness.

This is not an obituary, but rather a surprising piece of news. As of February 28, 2024, Mr. Zhang Xue has reportedly stepped down as the CEO of Kove Moto, the company he established in 2017. This information was shared through an official letter posted on Kove's social media.

The letter states: "Dear Kove customers and fans, It is with sadness that we announce Mr. Zhang Xue's resignation from Kove, effective as of February 28th. In 2017, the Kove project was launched. Alongside a team of six entrepreneurial individuals, including Mr. Zhang Xue, we encountered challenges and made progress. Over these 2,500 days and nights, we collectively achieved the success that defines Kove today. He has chosen to step back from the Kove management team temporarily. However, he remains a member of the Kove shareholder team."

While online comments should be taken with a grain of salt, it is evident that others share similar sentiments. Numerous comments on the official post about Zhang's resignation praise him as "a breath of fresh air in the motorcycle industry" and "a representation of the passion we experience on a motorcycle."

In another comment, a Kove USA representative clarifies that Zhang will still be involved with the company, albeit not as CEO, allowing him to pursue other projects within the motorcycle industry.

We wish him continued success, but his dedication and enthusiasm were what set Kove apart and generated interest in its motorcycles. Will this continue to be his role within the company? Hopefully, as it would be a significant loss for them if not.