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Many motorcycles are easily identifiable by their wheel design, but even the top motorcycle wheels can be improved upon by installing aftermarket sets, which can give a bike a whole new look and feel. This is especially true with the new Type-J wheels from Gale Speed.

For fans of Universal Japanese Motorcycles (UJMs), Gale Speed is a well-known Japanese aftermarket company that specializes in creating visually appealing wheels. Their latest model, the Type-J, pays tribute to the wheel styles of the late '70s and '80s, when cast aluminum wheels were becoming popular in the motorcycle world. These wheels are truly stunning.

Gale Speed explains that the "J" in Type-J stands for "Japan Classic" and "Jumonji," which means cruciform, referring to the cross-like shape of the wheel pattern.

Despite their retro appearance, the Gale Speed Type-J wheels are designed with modern technology and engineering. These wheels are made of forged aluminum, ensuring strength and low weight. Even the sprocket and rotor mounting points are machined separately from A6061 aluminum and can be customized in different colors.

Gale Speed offers the Type-J wheels for a wide range of motorcycles, from classic bikes to high-performance modern machines. Models like the Honda CB1300, Yamaha XJR 1300, Kawasaki Z900RS, and Suzuki Hayabusa can all benefit from these stylish wheels.

Of course, such beautifully crafted wheels come with a high price tag. The Gale Speed Type-J wheels cost around 120,000 yen ($798 USD) for most front wheel options and up to 143,000 yen ($951 USD) for rear wheel options, depending on the model. This means a set of wheels will set you back about $1,750 USD.

Compared to cars, there are fewer aftermarket wheel options available for motorcycles, making it exciting to see companies like Gale Speed introducing new wheel designs for a variety of bikes. More choices mean more fun for enthusiasts who want to customize their rides to their liking.

What are your thoughts on these stylish forged wheels from Gale Speed?