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Prioritizing Safety in Different Parts of the World

Approaches to safety vary greatly across different regions of the world. While it is generally agreed that wearing full motorcycle gear is crucial for safety while riding, some areas facing political and civil unrest may prioritize public security over rider safety.

For instance, Bacolod City in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines recently made headlines by banning full-face motorcycle helmets. This decision may seem extreme to outsiders, but it was prompted by a specific incident.

On February 27, 2024, an individual wearing a motorcycle helmet was arrested for allegedly throwing a grenade in a crowded area. The explosion caused injuries to three people and damage to two vehicles. It was suspected that the helmet was used to conceal the perpetrator's identity and aid in their escape.

Following this incident, Executive Order 86 was issued, prohibiting the use of full-face helmets within the city limits. Additionally, a speed limit of 40 kilometers per hour for motorcycles was imposed to reduce accident risks, along with increased police presence.

While open-face helmets are still recommended, the ban on full-face helmets was a response to a single individual's actions that endangered the entire motorcycle community in the region.

Although motorcycle riders are not inherently criminals, the accessibility of scooters makes them attractive to wrongdoers. In the Philippines, where political and civil tensions are prevalent, motorcycle riders often face undue restrictions due to the association with criminal activities.

While blanket bans like Executive Order 86 may not completely prevent violent acts, they serve a law enforcement purpose and help reassure the public. It is important to strike a balance between security measures and overreactions in response to such incidents.