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Exciting Developments in FMX

Currently, in High Desert, California, there is a unique section of jumps featuring a spine ramp that is a first in FMX. This innovative addition is the result of a collaboration between FMX and motocross rider, Colby Raha, and Claybourne.

Raha, a decorated athlete with nine X-Games medals, including six golds, has a background in BMX that continues to influence his FMX riding style.

In 2020, Raha made history by grinding a rail on a full-sized motorcycle, and in 2024, he achieved another milestone by jumping a man-made spine ramp.

The concept had been brewing in Raha's mind for years, and the construction of the 20-foot high, 30-foot wide spine ramp using A-frames made from telephone poles was a unique challenge in the FMX world.

With the help of Claybourne, Raha and his friends spent nearly a week building the ramp, ensuring it had the necessary features for a successful jump. Raha's expertise in ramp building played a crucial role in the project.

The first episode of this thrilling project ends with Raha attempting the ramp for the first time, leaving viewers in suspense. To see the outcome, stay tuned for the second episode.

Raha showcases incredible urban FMX tricks on his YouTube channel. While jumping over speeding trains may not be advisable, you can purchase similar ramps from Raha Ramps for your private use.

Although production spine ramps are not yet available for purchase, let us know in the comments if you would like to see them become a part of the future of FMX.